At the time of burial each grave would be marked in such a way as to insure identification. Name pegs and labels may ordinarily be obtained for that purpose from the local Graves Registration Service unit, but chaplains and other are expected to keep themselves supplied by means of prescribed requisitions on the Graves Registration Service of the theater of operations. These name pegs would have been a V-shaped wooden boards 1 inch in thickness, 6 inches wide at top, and 38 inches in length as measured from center of top line to tapering points at bottom of peg. Chaplains attached to organizations operating in the forward areas, when accompanying burial parties near the front after heavy casualties, would be supplied with an adequate number of pegs, with labels, if available. In the absence of name pegs, any ordinary stake would be used. In all cases the duplicate identification tag would be securely affixed to the peg, the original tag would have been buried with the body.   

In the larger cemeteries in which isolated burials and others have been concentrated awaiting return of bodies to the homeland the graves would be marked with temporary crosses and Star of David as indicated below. The identification tag that was attached to the name peg should be removed and attached to the cross or Star of David.



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