MAY 1945


5 May:
83rd Infantry Division begins withdrawing Elbe bridgehead because of imminent arrival of Soviet troops. 30th Infantry establishes contact with Red Army forces at the Elbe.


6 May:
83rd Infantry Division completes withdrawal of Elbe bridgehead and turns over its zone to 30th Infantry Division, to which 113th Cavalry Group is attached. XIX Corps contact with enemy ends as Soviet forces arrive along the Elbe in 30th Infantry Division zone at 1700.


7 May:
German High Command surrenders all land, sea, and air forces unconditionally to Allied forces. The surrender act signed at Reims at 0414 B Central European Time, to become effective at 0001 B 9 May. Upon receipt of this news in the field, all offensive operations are immediately halted, and organization of defensive positions is begun.


8 May:
President Harry S. Truman proclaims 8 May V - E Day.


9 May:
All hostilities in the European Theater of Operations are officially terminated at 0001 B as surrender act  becomes effective.



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