MARCH 1945


1 March:
Munchen-Gladbach falls to the 29th Infantry Division. Final assault by the 175th and 116th Infantry Regiments abreast, later on right, meets moderate resistance. 2nd Armored Division, employing CCA on left and CCB on right, speeds north over the Cologne Plain for gains of up to 9 miles. CCA takes Kleinenbroich, crosses Nord Canal over bridges captured intact, and continues north to line Willich - Ostenrath, clearing both those towns. CCB heads for Adolf Hiter bridge at Uerdingen, moving via Grefrath and Buettgen to Nord Canal, where treadway bridge is put in. During the night of 1 - 2 March CCB continued on to Bovert. CCR follows CCA, mopping up bypassed resistance. The 83rd Infantry Division is committed to the right of the 2nd Armored Division. The 331st Infantry Regiment, operating under attachment to CCB until noon when it reverts to parent unit, clears to the Erft southwest of Neuss, overrunning Holzheim and Grevenbroich. 1st Battalion, 329th Infantry Regiment begins assault on Neuss and is joined there, night 1 - 2 March, by the 2nd Battalion of the 330th Infantry Regiment, which protects the left flank. 30th Infantry Division mops up west of the Erft Canal within zone. 113th Cavalry Group is detached and passes to XIX Corps reserve. 95th Infantry Division is released from army reserve. 379th Infantry Regiment is attached to the 2nd Armored Division and starts to Kleinenbroich area while the rest of the division begins assembling near Jülich.


2 March:
29th Infantry Division pinched out, consolidates in München-Gladbach. Continuing north toward Uerdingen, 2nd Armored Division's CCA advances through Krefeld Oppum; CCB reaches south edge of Krefeld Oppum. CCR withstands strong counterattacks against Schiefbahn. 83rd Infantry Division's 329th Infantry Regiment completes capture of Neuss before dawn and secures west approach to Rhine River bridge there, but enemy blows the bridge; elements of 330th Infantry Regiment head for bridge at Oberkassel; Battalion of 331st Infantry Regiment moves from the Erft to the Rhine. Determined tank-infantry counterattack from Kapellen against 83rd Infantry Division's right flank is contained. 30th Infantry Division relieves elements of 331st Infantry Regiment as its zone is extended to Holzheim.


3 March:
29th Infantry Division passes to army reserve but remains in München-Gladbach. 2nd Armored Infantry Division, reinforced by the 379th Infantry Regiment of the 95th Infantry Division, continues north over the Cologne Plain. From Niederbruch-Krefeld Oppum area, CCA pushes through Viertielsheide, CCR is attached to CCA and moving through eastern outskirts of Krefeld, heads for Kaldenhausen, halting southwest of town upon order. CCB fights bitterly for west approach to Uerdingen bridge, which is weakened by explosion but still intact. 3rd Battalion, 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division reaches bridge at Oberkassel, which enemy destroys. 331st Infantry Regiment mops up until relieved by the 329th Infantry Regiment. 95th Infantry Division gets into position for attack


4 March:
95th Infantry Division to which the 379th Infantry Regiment reverts from attachment to 2nd Armored Division, begins attack toward the Rhine River on the northern XIX Corps flank. 378th Infantry Regiment drives through Uerdingen to the Rhine and clears part of north Uerdingen. Efforts of the 379th Infantry Regiment on the south to reduce pocket near Adolf Hilter bridge are only partially successful as German rear guards put up determined resistance. 2nd Armored Division concludes its Cologne Plain operations, capturing Kaldenhausen and mopping up Uerdingen, Kaldenhausen, and Viertielsheide areas.


5 March:
95th Infantry Division overcomes negligible resistance west of the Rhine River within its zone, concluding corps' part of Operation Grenade. While 378th Infantry Regiment, supported by the 377th Infantry Regiment, drives northeast from Uerdingen to Rheinhausen, where bridges are destroyed, 379th Infantry Regiment eliminates pocket near Adolf Hilter bridge in southern Uerdingen. The Division outposts the Rhine from Uerdingen north to Essenbrug. 95th Infantry Division relieves CCA, 2nd Armored Division which withdraws to assembly area. CCB, leaving Reconnaissance Company of the 67th Armored Regiment, reinforced, to defend the Rhine River line, begins also movements to assembly area. 


6 March:
Operation Grenade ( drive from the Roer River to the Rhine River ) is successfully concluded. The 30th Infantry Division is transferred from XIX Corps to XVI Corps.  XIX Corps defends west bank of the Rhine River within zone.


26 March:
XIII Corps becomes responsible for XIX Corps sector and takes operational control of 95th Infantry Division (less 377th Infantry Regiment) and the 113th Cavalry Group.  377th Infantry Regiment is attached to the 2nd Armored Division. XIX Corps prepares to move to new zone on northern flank of the Ninth Army.


29 March:
2nd Armored Division, begins passing through XVIII Airborne Corps sector and relieving the 17th Airborne Division. 


30 March:
17th Airborne Division is placed under command of the XIX Corps at 06:00 hours. Corps reverts to First Allied Airborne Army at same time and its zone is divided between British 8th Corps and U.S. XIX Corps.



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