JUNE 1944

14 June:
XIX Corps becomes operational at noon. 29th Infantry Division makes slight gains to south capturing Couvains.


15 June:
On right flank 120th Infantry Regiment of 30th Infantry Division, after naval and air bombardment, attacks south to recover ground north of Canal Vire et Taute; against determined enemy resistance, Montmartin-en-Graignes occupied, Along right bank of Vire River 119th Infantry Regiment ( 30th Infantry Division ) occupies line from Airel to point just north of La Meauffe. Northeast of St. Lo, troops of 29th Infantry Division reach St. Andre de l'Epine.


16 June:
La Raye, just north of Canal Vire et Taute, occupied by 120th Infantry Regiment; 1 battalion then works south from railroad and clears out enemy positions in vicinity of Deville; Regiment occupies line following Taute River and Canal by nightfall. 29th Infantry Division after heavy artillery barrage attacks south toward St Lo with 175th Infantry Regiment leading; road cut east of La Meauffe and troops advance south to Les Buteaux, while 116th Infantry Regiment pushes south of Couvains and occupies La Blotrie woods; 115th Infantry Regiment cleans out enemy pockets southwest of St. Clair sur l'Elle.


17 June:
In 30th Infantry Division sector, 120th Infantry Regiment unsuccessfully tries to cross Canal Vire et Taute to gain high ground to south; 119th Infantry Regiment engages enemy in Cavigny - La Meauffe area. German 353rd Infantry Division enters battle line, opposes 29th Infantry Divisions southward drive, and forces a withdrawal to line La Meauffe to Villiers-Fossard area to St. Andre.


18 June:
On right flank 119th Infantry Regiment ( 30th Infantry Division ) occupies La Meauffe after stiff fighting but withdraws to conform to withdrawal of 175th Infantry Regiment on its left flank; 175th Infantry Regiment is strongly counterattacked and makes minor withdrawals but holds on to salient which is within 3 miles of St. Lo.


29 June:
29th Infantry division its salient slightly with capture of Villiers-Fossard and La Fossardiere, while German 352nd Infantry Division makes minor penetration of XIX Corps right flank with recapture of La Meauffe.


30 June:
29th Infantry Division, with strong artillery support, continues attack down both sides of Moon-sur-Elle - St. Lo highway, pushing tip of salient about 1/2 mile farther south.




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