11 January:
78th Infantry Division finishes clearing hill positions overlooking Kall River.


16 January:
British Second Army opens Operation Blackcock.


27 January:
Boundary change between Ninth and First U.S. Armies extends 78th Infantry Division sector southward to Gemund. Preparations are made to clear the new region.


30 January:
78th Infantry Division begins drive southward to clear Roer River line along north edge of Monschau Forest. 310th and 311th Infantry Regiments advance abreast, 310th taking Konzen and 311th gaining most of Kesternich and clearing Huppenbroich. CCA of the 5th Armored Division, attached to 78th Infantry Division, secures Eicherscheid. 35th Infantry Division is attached to XVI Corps.


31 January:
78th Infantry Division gains its objectives and makes contact with U.S. First Army at Widdau. 311th Infantry Regiment takes rest of Kesternich and 310th Infantry Regiment captures Imgenbroich. CCA of the 5th Armored Division, after clearing southward from Eicherscheid, is released by the 78th Infantry Division.



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