1 February:
5th Armored Division attached to the XIII Corps. 78th Infantry Division continues to mop up in Imgenbroich - Kesternich sector. CCA, 5th Armored Division, is detached and joins parent unit, to which it reverts.


2 February:
78th Infantry Division passes to operational control of V Corps, First U.S. Army.


3 February:
30th Infantry Division, 83rd Infantry Division and 2nd Armored Division are attached to the XIX Corps.


4 February:
29th Infantry Division occupying positions along the Roer River before Julich is transferred in place from XIII Corps to XIX Corps.


5 February:
Boundary between Ninth and First U.S. Armies is shifted north to general line Liege - Aachen - Cologne. XIX Corps zone passes to VII Corps, which takes control of 8th Infantry Division and 104th Infantry Division. 113th Cavalry Group is detached from the 8th Infantry Division and attached to the 29th Infantry Division.


7 February:
30th Infantry Division takes over defense of west bank of the Roer River from Kirchberg to Merken. 113th Cavalry Group is transferred to 30th Infantry Division from attachment to the 29th Infantry Division.


23 February:
Operation Grenade begins at 03:30 hours following heavy arty preparation lasting for 45 minutes. XIII and XIX Corps attack across the Roer River while XVI Corps stages demonstration at jump-off time. Enemy is taken by surprise and assault troops move forward rapidly against light to moderate resistance, but engineers putting in bridges are greatly handicapped by swift current of river as well as accurate enemy ground fire and aerial attacks on crossing sites that delay movement of rear elements and supporting armor. XIX Corps uses 29th Infantry Division and 30th Infantry Division in its assault across the Roer River. 29th Infantry Division crosses on left making main effort. 29th Infantry Division crosses in Broich - Julich area with 115th and 175th Infantry Regiments on left and right, respectively. 115th Infantry Regiment seizes Broich and heights northeast and southeast of the town, blocks Mersch - Pattern road, and patrols toward these towns. 175th Infantry Regiment crossing at Julich is delayed because of bridging difficulties, but large portion of Julich is cleared and a containing force is left at the Citadel. 3rd Battalion of the 116th Infantry Regiment, attached to the 175th Infantry Regiment to help mop up Julich crossed the Roer in the afternoon. 330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division moves to Schleiden area and is attached to the 29th Infantry Division. 30th Infantry Division crosses the Roer in vicinity of Schophoven. 119th Infantry Regiment seizes villages of Selgersdorf, Altenburg and Daubenrath, and at 23:00 hours opens attack for Hambach. To the south the 120th Infantry Regiment clears villages of Selhausen and Krauthausen and begins attack on Niederzier.


24 February:
175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division completes capture of Julich and reduces the Citadel with assistance of flame-throwing tanks. Elements attacking due east along Julich - Steinstrass road take Setterich and make contact with the 30th Infantry Division. 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, is detached from the 175th Infantry Regiment. At night, 116th Infantry Regiment relieves elements of the 175th Infantry Regiment and 330th Infantry Regiment relieves the 115th Infantry Regiment. 30th Infantry Division completes capture of Hambach by 01:30 hours gains all of Niederzier by 06:30 hours and clears Grosse Forst and Lindenberger Wald portions of Staats Forst Hambach by 21:30 hours. 117th Infantry Regiment crosses the Roer River and attacks northeast from Niederzier area toward Steinstrass at 16:30 hours but encounters mine fields and felled trees that halt supporting armor. Infantry elements dismount from tanks and continue to within 1.000 yards of Steinstrass. Zone of the 30th Infantry Division which would have been pinched out by the 29th Infantry Division at Steinstrass is extended, and 30th Infantry Division is ordered to continue toward Neuss.


25 February:
29th Infantry Division zone, 330th Infantry Regiment captures Pattern, Mersch, and Muentz. 116th Infantry Regiment secures Welldorf and from there continues to Guesten, sending elements north that seize Serrest. 175th Infantry Regiment is pinched out. 30th Infantry Divisions 119th Infantry Regiment takes Hollen and Rodingen. The 117th Infantry Regiment clears Steinstrass and opens assault on Lich.


26 February:
29th Infantry Division attack gains momentum: Hasselsweiler and Gevelsdorf fall to 330th Infantry Regiment. 116th Infantry Regiment, after completing capture of Guesten early in the day, is replaced on the right flank by the 115th Infantry Regiment which takes Speil, Ameln and Tilz. 120th Infantry Regiment of the 30th Infantry Divisioncaptures Kalrath, the 117th Infantry Regiment clears Oberembt, Kirch and Troisdorf. The 113th Cavalry Group and CCB of the 2nd Armored Division take up defensive positions on the 30th Infantry Division right flank.


27 February:
29th Infantry Division advances to east-west road between Erkelenz and Garzweiler against token resistance. 175th Infantry Regiment takes Holzweiler, Kuckum, Keyenberg, and Borschemich. 116th Infantry Regiment clears Immenrath, Pesch, and Otzenrath. The 115th Infantry Regiment seizes Opherten and Jackerath. The 330th Infantry Regiment reverts to the 83rd Infantry Division from attachment to the 29th Infantry Division. 30th Infantry Division advances north to the line Grazweiler - Koenigshoven. Grazweiler falls to the 120th Infantry Regiment and Koenigshoven to the 119th Infantry Regiment. 2nd Armored Division ( less CCB ) assembles across the Roer River for offensive to the Rhine River and is reinforced by the 331st Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division.


28 February:
The XIX Corps overruns numerous towns and villages during its rapid advance. The 29th Infantry Division drives quickly toward Munchen-Gladbach with the 175th and 116th Infantry Regiments. In 5 - 8 mile advance from Otzenrath - Garzweiler region, 2nd Armored Division reaches positions within 5 miles of Neuss and 6 miles of the Rhine River. 30th Infantry Division improves positions in limited attacks and is pinched out by the 2nd Armored Division.



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