1 August:
On right flank of XIX Corps, 28th Infantry Division seizes Percy and high ground just northeast of town; farther to northeast, CCA, 2nd Armored Division, drives to the east from vicinity of Villebaudon and occupies Tessy-sur-Vire; 30th Infantry Division troops break through enemy line near le Mesnil Opac and advance south to Tessy where they relieve armored units. High ground north of Percy - Tessy road occupied by 29th Infantry Division which then pushes southeast from Montabot.


2 August:
Advance southeast of Percy continues: 28th Infantry Division moves through Margueray to hill 268 while CCB, 2nd Armored Division, reaches Le Neufbourg. 29th Infantry Division attacks in conjunction with 28th and 115th Infantry Regiments secures high ground northeast of Rousseville with 116th Infantry Regiment gains hills northeast of St. Vigor des Monts, heights commanding Villedieu les Poeles - Pontfaroy road; opposition is moderate as enemy troops are withdrawing toward positions in Foret de St. Sever. 30th Infantry Division consolidates and defend left flank of XIX Corps.


3 August:
Encountering only delaying actions, 28th Infantry Division advances steadily southeast toward St. Sever Calvados and secures positions about 2 miles northwest of town; 112th Infantry Regiment having seized Montbray despite strong resistance. CCB, 2nd Armored Division, reaches a general line from Girardiere to Sept Freres, 1 1/2 - 2 miles northwest and north of St. Sever, by night. To the northeast, 115th and 116th Infantry Regiments, 29th Inaftry Division occupy positions between Sept Freres and vicinity of Landelles et Coupigny. CCA, 2nd Armored Division, advances southeast on XIX Corps left flank. 


4 August:
St. Sever Calvados captured by 28th Infantry Division; troops turn south into Foret de St. Sever and secure several hill positions; CCB, 2nd Armored Division, is unable to take heights just east of St. Sever Calvados because opposition is too strong. CCA, 2nd Armored Division, passes through 29th Infantry Division to main road leading east toward Vire and gains several miles; 29th Infantry Division reaches positions about 5 miles west and northwest of Vire.


5 August:
28th Infantry Division moves through Foret de St. Sever to south edge;  CCB, 2nd Armored Division, advances through the forest and reaches points about 4 miles southeast of St, Sever Calvados. 29th Infantry Division and CCA approach Vire, capturing hill 219, just west of  the city, and other positions just west and southwest. 30th Infantry Division attached to VII Corps.


6 August:
Champ du Boult, southeast of Foret de St. Sever, captured by 28th Infantry Divisions 109th Infantry Regiment; to the northeast 112th Infantry Regiment relieves CCB in la Forge - Manvieu Bocage area where opposition is very strong;  CCA attacks Vire but enemy resists stubbornly. 29th Infantry Division moves steadily forward: 175th Infantry Regiment occupies high ground at St. Martin de Tallevende; 116th Infantry Regiment moves from hill 219 into Vire, occupying the city against only light opposition. 


7 August:
28th Infantry Division moves south toward Gathemo and vicinity: 109th Infantry Regiment encounters strong opposition at outer defenses of town before defensive line can be organized, 3rd Battalion is counterattacked and completely disorganized; 112th Infantry Regiment concentrates on denying enemy the use of roads to the south. 28th Infantry Division fans out in rough arc south of Vire: 175th Infantry Regiments attacks south of Vire while 115th Infantry Regiment secures positions along Vire - Gathemo road, in vicinity of junction of German 363rd and 353rd Infantry Divisions.


8 August:
On right flank of XIX Corps, 28th Infantry Division attacks Gathemo but makes only minor gains against determined enemy troops and well-dug-in positions; Mont Thabour, about 2 miles northeast of Gathemo, occupied by 112th Infantry Regiment. South of Vire, St. Germain de Tallevende falls to 115th Infantry Regiment; rest of 29th Infantry Division makes gains southwest and southeast of Vire. 


9 August:
28th Infantry Division engages in bitter fighting in Gathemo area. 29th Infantry Division continues to advance south of Vire and pushes about 2 miles beyond St. Germain de Tallevende; 331st Infantry Division arrives and strengthens enemy opposition in this sector.  


10 August:
Task Force organized from CCA, 2nd Armored Division; TF and 109th Infantry Regiment of 28th Infantry Division make coordinated attack on Gathemo; armor by-passes town, which is occupied by infantry in afternoon, and advances steadily southeast toward hill 367, in vicinity of St. Sauveur de Chaulieu. 29th Infantry Division attacks to secure heights east and southeast of St. Sauveur with 115th Infantry Regiment leading; enemy infiltrates on both rear flanks; 175th Infantry Regiment secures road net supplying 115th Infantry Regiment which holds ground against attacks.


11 August:
28th Infantry Division makes slow progress southward against LXXXIV Corps, securing control of roads east and southeast of Gathemo. 29th Infantry Division and CCA, 2nd Armored Division, encounter determined opposition to their attempts to take high ground around St. Sauveur de Chaulieu.


12 August:
28th Infantry Division pushes south, against moderate resistance, toward Sourdeval. Hill 338 in St. Sauveur area, captured by elements of CCA, 2nd Armored Division; 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, unsuccessfully attempts to seize hills west of St. Sauveur. 29th Division assigned to V Corps. First signs enemy contemplating giving up counterattack toward Avranches and withdrawing.


13 August:
Sourdeval captured by 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, which then pushes east and seizes hill positions just west of St. Martin de Chaulieu; rest of 28th Infantry Division maintains road blocks in Gathemo area. Elements of CCA, 2nd Armored Division, approach Ger while 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion secures positions west and southwest of Domfront.


14 August:
28th Infantry Division goes into reserve with exception of 109th Infantry Regiment which moves south toward Foret de Mortain. CCA, 2nd Armored Division, advances east through Ger and Lonlay l'Abbaye, and crosses Egrenne River. 30th Infantry Division moves to positions west of Domfront which is occupied by 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion of 2nd Armored Division.


15 August:
On left flank of XIX Corps 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, moves east across Egrenne River, occupying St. Cornier des Landes and Preaux without opposition; farther south, 30th Infantry Division troops get positions around St. Romer Les Forges in area north of Domfront. 2nd Armored Division moves to an assembly area near Barenton. 


16 August:
30th Infantry Division attacks northeast along edge of Falaise - Argentan pocket and secures positions around St. Clair d'Halouse and to the southeast along Varenne River; 30th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop occupies la Ferriere aux Etangs and contacts 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, in that area. 


17 August:
XIX Corps consolidates and improves defensive positions and maintain contact with 1st Infantry Division on right flank and British troops on left flank.  


20 August:
From positions south of Verneuil and Brezolles XIX Corps attacks north towards Seine River: 2nd Armored Division spearheads drive but meets stiff resistance along Avre River line in area between Verneuil and Brezolles; elements of CCA finally cross river but CCB is delayed by battle with enemy tanks on Laigle - Verneuil road. 30th Infantry Division, to the right, crosses Avre River and occupies positions west and northwest of Nonancourt, defeating strong counterattack in afternoon.


21 August:
CCA captures Damville despite strong opposition and secures positions on high ground north of town; CCB by-passes Verneuil to east and attacks north toward Breteuil, cutting Breteuil - Damville road and occupying points southwest, south, and southeast of Breteuil. In rear of armored units, 110th Infantry Regiment of 28th Infantry Division reaches outskirts of Verneuil and 112th Infantry Regiment moves forward and gain possession of positions along Verneuil - Laigle road. On right flank of XIX Corps, 30th Infantry Division advances northeast to general vicinity of St. Andre de l'Eure, about 10 miles southeast of Evreux.


22 August:
2nd Armored Division advances north against increasing opposition; CCA pushes north of Damville and gets bridgehead across Iton River while CCB clears Breteuil and continues north toward Conches, blocking roads around latter. Verneuil captured by 28th Infantry Division troops which continue northeast through Damville toward Evreux, halting just south of latter. 30th Infantry Division advances north to positions east of Evreux.


23 August:
CCA, 2nd Armored Division, advances about 20 miles north against increasing opposition and reaches points about 1 mile south of Elbeuf: CCB, by-passing Conches, reaches vicinity of le Neubourg and blocks all roads leading from town. Conches occupied by 112th Infantry Regiment while rest of 28th Infantry Division, passing west of Evreux, reaches town about 1 mile northwest of Evreux. 30th Infantry Division sends patrols into Evreux, finding town clear of enemy, blocks main highway leading northwest of Evreux, and contacts 5th Armored Division on right flank.


24 August:
30th Infantry Division maintains defensive positions on right flank while 2nd Armored Division and 28th Infantry Divisions converge on enemy in Elbeuf area.


25 August:
CCB, 2nd Armored Division, blocks roads southwest of Elfbeuf while 82nd Armored Reconnaissance Battalion advances northwest of Elbeuf to Bourgteroulde; CCA and 109th Infantry Regiment of 28th Infantry Division attack Elbeuf, meeting strong opposition and heavy artillery, AT, and nebelwerfer fire from positions across Seine River; town penetrated late in evening. On XIX Corps right flank, 30th Infantry Division advances north to positions about 5 miles south and southwest of Louviers.

26 August:
Enemy finally cleared from Elbeuf and town turned over to 7th Canadian Brigade.

29 August:
XIX Corps takes over XV Corps bridgehead east of the Seine River; units attached are 2nd Armored Division, 30th and 79th Infantry Divisions.


30 August:
XIX Corps, with 2nd Armored Division on left, 79th Infantry Division in center, and 30th Infantry Division on right, drives rapidly northeast against only negligible opposition. On left flank 2nd Armored Division makes greatest gains, advancing to positions southeast of Gisors and 8 miles south of Beaubais; Infantry gains about 20 miles to reach a line from Hedouville northwest to Henonville.


31 August:
Armored units speed northwest for 40 miles gain, reaching Montdidier area. 79th and 30th Infantry Divisions push swiftly northeast against light opposition, gaining a line southeast of Beauvais along banks of Therain River from Hermes to Mouy.



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