APRIL 1945


1 April:
CCB, 2nd Armored Division, drives southeast to Lippstadt and makes contact with 3rd Armored Division of the VII Corps, First US Army, closing noose about the Ruhr. CCA, 2nd Armored Division takes Cologne - Berlin autobahn pass through Teutoburger Wald but cannot gain passages near Oerlinghausen and Augustdorf. 83rd Infantry Division and 15th Cavalry Group, driving East across Muenster Plain, mop up bypassed resistance and protect the right XIX Corps flank along Lippe River. 8th Armored Division is attached to the XIX Corps for drive on Paderborn. 30th Infantry Division assembles in Drensteinfurt area, between Muenster and Hamm, 113th Cavalry Group is attached to it at 24:00 to protect the left flank. 


2 April:
2nd Armored Division continues battle for Teutoburger Wald passes, hampered by terrain, blown bridges, and roadblocks CCA, assisted by elements of CCR, cuts main road from the autobahn to Bielefeld and gets elements to outskirts of Oerlinghausen. CCB moves forward through Teutoburger Wald along Detmold road to Hiddesen area.  377th Infantry Regiment reverts to 95th Infantry Division from attachment to the 2nd Armored Division. 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, is attached to the 2nd Armored Division. 83rd Infantry Division continues clearing the XIX Corps right flank along the Lippe River and maintains and strengthens small bridgehead at Hamm. 30th Infantry Division less 119th Infantry Regiment starts toward Teutoburger Wald to relieve 2nd Armored Division units. 8th Armored Division continues east against scattered resistance, CCB is vigorously engaged at Neuhaus, northwest of Paderborn.


3 April:
XIX Corps begins attack on Ruhr pocket. 30th Infantry Division relieves 2nd Armored Division of positions in Teutoburger Wald, 117th Infantry Regiment taking over passes formerly held by CCR and CCA on the left and 120th Infantry Regiment relieving CCB units west of Hiddesen and clearing part of Forst Berlebeck, which extends southeast from Teutoburger Wald. 2nd Armored Division gets into position for drive east to the Weser. CCR column drives southeast to Mackenbruch and cuts Oerlinghausen - Lage road. One CCA Task Force attacks southeast in evening through Osterheide to Lage while others overrun Oerlinghausen, assisted by CCR's flanking movement, and clear region about Pivitsheide. CCB advances through Forst Berlebeck and seizes Berleback. 83rd Infantry Division which releases the 15th Cavalry Group to the 95th Infantry Division and takes control of the 113th Cavalry Group (less 125th Cav Rcn Sq) from the 30th Infantry Division, continues to clear along Lippe River on the XIX Corps right flank relieves elements of the 8th Armored Division in Neuhaus and mops up that town, turns over positions generally west of the 30th Infantry Division north south grid line, including Hamm bridgehead to the 95th Infantry Division. In the afternoon, 8th Armored Division opens assault against Ruhr pocket, driving southwest with CCA and elements of CCR. CCA moves along Paderborn - Soest highway to Erwitte area. CCR closing in Lippstadt area, sends Task Force Walker to Elsen to relieve pressure on CCB and moves Task Force Artman to Weckinghausen. 95th Infantry Division begins relief of the 83rd Infantry Division and prepares to join in assault on the Ruhr pocket.


4 April:
2nd Armored Division progresses rapidly on the left, where one CCA column advances from Lage to Lemgo and thence to approaches to the Wesser and another clears Pivitsheide and continues to the vicinity of Gross Berkel. CCB slowed by terrain and opposition, advances from Berlebeck to Kreuzenstein. 30th Infantry Division, protecting XIX Corps left flank, maintains defensive positions; in limited attacks overuns Hiddesen and Detmold. On the right 83rd Infantry Division makes main effort with Task Force Biddle and employs the 329th and 331st Infantry Regiments close behind it to mop up. 330th Infantry Regiment defends Lippe River line from Lippstadt westward. 95th Infantry Division begins assault on Ruhr pocket, attacks south across Lippe River and Canal in Hamm - Lippborn area with the 379th and 378th Infantry Regiments, forward elements reach Dinker. 15th Cavalry Group screen Lippe River along the divisions right flank.  8th Armored Division continues assault on Ruhr pocket, one CCA column thrusts south to Mohne River line while another clears Erwitte and drives toward Androchte. CCB overruns Overhagen, Stripe, Norddorf, Ebbinghausen and Voellingshausen.


5 April:
2nd Armored Division reaches the Weser south of Hameln and establishes bridgehead with 4 Task Forces and 2 artillery battalions. On left one CCA Task Force crosses in assault boats in vicinity of Ohr and, when bridge is completed, is followed by another. CCB drives to the Wesser in Emmern - Grohnde area, crosses one column in assault boats near Grohnde and another in sector of CCA. By the end of day CCA bridgehead extends from Rohrsen to Voremberg. CCB holds Hajen, Frenke, Brockensen, and Heyen. 83rd Infantry Division continues northeast toward the Weser to right of 2nd Armored Division, clearing many towns. Aided by air strikes, 95th Infantry Division expands and strengthens its bridgehead south of the Lippe against diminishing resistance. 377th Infantry Regiment attacks south across the Lippe toward Soest in afternoon, passing through 379th Infantry Regiment, and reaches positions beyond Wiltrop. 8th Armored Division, reinforced by 194th Glider Infantry of the 17th Airborne Division continues west toward Soest. CCA columns converge on Altenmellrich. CCB attacking through CCR reaches line Weslarn - Lohne. 95th Infantry Division and 8th Armored Division prepare for concerted assault on Soest. 


6 April:
CCA of the 2nd Armored Division thrusts northeast to the Leine River at Schulenberg and takes bridge intact. CCB clears Harderode, Esperde, and heights south of Heyen. CCR crosses the Weser River at Grohnde and drives northeast toward Brugstemmen, reaching Elze. 30th Infantry Division with the 117th Infantry Regiment on the left and the 120th Infantry Regiment on the right, speeds eastward behind the 2nd Armored Division, clearing north flank of the XIX Corps to the Weser River. Takes responsibility for Weser bridges sites, crosses 2 battalions of the 117th Infantry Regiment over the Weser River at Ohr and a battalion of the 120th Infantry Regiment crossed the Wesser river at Grohnde. 83rd Infantry Division gets forward elements to the Wesser in the Bodenwerder - Holzminden area to the right of the 2nd Armored Division. 3rd Battalion, 329th Infantry Regiment, crosses at Bodenwerder and clears Halle. In Ruhr pocket sector, the 377th Infantry Regiment of the 95th Infantry Division begins clearing Soest. The 378th Infantry Regiment secures portion of Hamm east of Hamm - Soest railroad in 2- pronged assault from Hamm bridgehead and from the northeast. CCB of the 8th Armored Division reaches Ost Oennen, southwest of Soest.


7 April:
2nd Armored Division, ordered to halt upon reaching general line of Sarstedt - Hildesheim road, attains objective and suspends offensive operations. 83rd Infantry Division clears its zone west of the Weser except for small portion in Polle area and makes rapid progress east of the Weser. 330th Infantry Regiment rejoins division. Continuing operations against Ruhr pocket, 95th Infantry Divisions 377th Infantry Regiment finishes clearing Soest by 0730 hours and attacks toward Werl until pinched out; 379th Infantry Regiment pushes into Werl; 378th Infantry Regiment finishes clearing Hamin and several suburbs. Task Force Twaddle ( Major General Harry L. Twaddle, 95th Infantry Division Commanding General) is formed to complete action against Ruhr pocket in conjunction with XVI Corps. The Task Force consists of 8th Armored and 95th Infantry Divisions plus their attachments and supporting forces. Task Force Twaddle organizes Task Force Faith under Birgadier General Don C. Faith, composed of the 377th Infantry Regiment, 194th Glider Infantry Regiment and supporting units, and gives it mission of clearing region between Ruhr and Mohne Rivers, protecting left flank of Task Force Twaddle, and maintaining contact with friendly forces on the left. CCB, 8th Armored Division columns, drive on Werl in afternoon, reaching West Onnen and positions near Gerlingen. CCA clears and holds sector along Mohne River southeast of Soest. CCR starts from Lippstadt to Soest area. 


8 April:
2nd Armored Division improves defensive positions in limited attacks and regroups for future action. 30th Infantry Division continuous to follow armor eastward. 83rd Infantry Division continues east on right flank of the XIX Corps, crossing the Leine at several points in Alfeld -Greene area, and reaches assigned objective, line Gandersheim - Westfeld, south of Hildesheim. 331st Infantry Regiment starts across the Weser, 3rd Battalion crossing at Heinsen and clearing Bevern. Task Force Twaddle continous  operations against Ruhr pocket. Task Force Faith clears region between Mohne and Ruhr Rivers east of line Allengen - Hirschberg - Meschede. CCB, 8th Armored Division, drives west through Werl and captures Ost Buederich. CCR clears westward toward Werl - Wickede road. 95th Infantry Division continues west in region between Hamm and Unna - Soest rail line, clearing numerous towns.


9 April:
XIX Corps is relieved of responsibility for Ruhr pocket by XVI Corps, which takes command of Task Force Twaddle, and prepares to renew its eastward drive.


10 April:
2nd Armored Division renews its eastward drive. CCA advances in 3 columns to Hallendorf area, southwest of Braunschweig. CCB columns, on the right, speed to the Oker at Schladen, where bridge is secured and Gross Dohren to southwest. 30th Infantry Division shuttles east XIX Corps left  flank from Hameln area, with the 117th Infantry Regiment on left and 120th Infantry Regiment on the right and reaches the Fuhse Canal, west of Braunschweig. 83rd Infantry Division with the 329th Infantry Regiment on the left and the 330th Infantry Regiment on the right drives east on the XIX Corps right flank from Westfeld - Seesem sector. Its left flank elements taking several towns in region north of Harz Mountains and right flank units fighting slowly forward through the Harz Mountains. 


11 April:
Advance elements of CCB, 2nd Armored Division reach the Elbe south of Magdeburg after a record drive of 57 miles. CCA gets columns to Wolfenbuettel, Schoppenstedt, and Immendorf area. At 0200 hours, 30th Infantry Division begins assault across Fuhse Canal west of Braunschweig with 117th and 120th Infantry Regiments. 117th Infantry Regiment seizes airfield southwest of Braunschweig and enters western part of the city itself. 120th Infantry Regiment takes rail bridge over the Oker southeast of Braunschweig and blocks the eastern exits. Cavalry units, driving through 5th Armored Division zone block north and northeastern exits. 329th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division clears Halberstadt and Groeningen. 330th Infantry Regiment and reformed Task Force Biddle are clearing large wooded area on the XIX Corps right flank.  


12 April:
CCB, 2nd Armored Division establishes small infantry bridgehead across the Elbe in the Randau area, south of Magdeburg. CCA en CCR speed toward the Elbe at Magdeburg and block exists from Magdeburg.  30th Infantry Division completes capture of Braunschweig and drives about 35 miles east toward the Elbe. 329th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division reaches the Elbe at Barby, southeast of Schoenebeck. 330th Infantry Regiment continues to clear the Harz Mountains and block main roads there. 331st Infantry Regiment after assembling in Derenburg area, drives east, forward elements taking Nienburg on the Saale River.


13 April:
CCB, 2nd Armored Division is unable to expand its Elbe bridgehead, moves south at night to new site in Elbenau - Gruenwalde area. CCA and CCR contain Magdeburg and probe into its outskirts. 30th Infantry Division forces reaches the Elbe RIver on the left XIX Corps flank. 83rd Infantry Division establishes bridgehead across the Elbe at Barby with elements of the 329th and 331st Infantry Regiments. 330th Infantry Regiment passes to Corps control and continues clearing Harz Mountains in conjunction with VII Corps, First U.S. Army. 


14 April:
2nd Armored Division, unable to put bridge or ferry across the Elbe River and consequently unable to supply CCB infantry east of the river with armor, withdraws bridgehead in afternoon. CCR, upon relief in Magdeburg area by CCA, crosses the Elbe at Barby and takes over left flank of the 83rd Infantry Divisions bridgehead, is attached to the 83rd Infantry Division. 83rd Infantry Division finishes crossing with the 329th and 331st Infantry Regiments plus their attachments and 2 Field Artillery Battalions. 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, takes up positions along the west bank of the Elbe from Tangermuende to Grieben on XIX Corps left flank, relieving the 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron. 320th Infantry Regiment comes under corps control. 30th Infantry Division clears several towns within its zone west of the Elbe.  CCB, 8th Armored Division, is attached to XIX Corps and screens the right flank.


15 April:
134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division takes over sector along the Elbe from Grieben to vicinity Colbitz Forest. 117th and 120th Infantry Regiments, 30th Infantry Division clearing the divisional zone west of the Elbe. 2nd Armored Division, less CCR, maintains defensive positions in Magdeburg sector. CCB holding west bank of the Elbe from Westerheusen to Schoenebeck. 83rd Infantry Division expands Elbe bridgehead east of Barby. 320th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division, is attached to the 83rd Infantry Division and after assembling west of the Saale, opens attack to clear the right XIX Corps flank between the Saale and Elbe, tanking Tornitz and Werkleitz, then crossing the Saale and seizing Gross Rosenburg. Engineers, after nightfall begin work on treadway bridge at Breitenhagen, southeast of Barby, as a pre cautionary measure for Barby bridgehead. 330th Infantry Regiment continues to mop up in the Harz Mountains and establishes contact with the 1st Infantry Division of the VII Corps, First U.S. Army.


16 April:
35th Infantry Division shifts a little southward to relieve elements of the 30th Infantry Division. The 30th Infantry Division regroups as result of the boundary change. 2nd Armored Division maintains defensive positions about Magdeburg and along the Elbe River to right and prepares for assault on Magdeburg in conjunction with the 30th Infantry Division. 83rd Infantry Division maintains bridgehead east of Barby despite strong counterattacks against CCR of the 2nd Armored Division. 320th Infantry Regiment continues to clear region between the Saale and Elbe Rivers. Enemy places artillery fire on the Elbe bridges and makes ineffective air attacks against them from time to time. CCA, 8th Armored Division, is attached to the Corps.


17 April:
After preparatory aerial bombardment, 30th Infantry Division and CCA of the 2nd Armored Division open assault on Magdeburg at about 1500 hours. 30th Infantry Division pushes into the north and northwestern part of the city and CCA into the southern and southwestern part, clearing about two thirds of the objective. CCB, 2nd Armored Division, maintains defensive positions along the Elbe. 83rd Infantry Division improves positions in Elbe bridgehead east of Barby. 320th Infantry Regiment continues to clear between Saale and Elbe Rivers. CCA, 8th Armored Division, closes in Seehausen area and is held in reserve.


18 April:
Organized resistance in Magdeburg ceases after assault elements of the 30th Infantry Division and 2nd Armored Division clear their respective portions and make contact. 83rd Infantry Divisions forces east of the Elbe regroup to improve defensive positions within its bridgehead, repel counterattack toward the bridge at Breithagen. Elements of 320th Infantry Regiment take Dornbock, west of the Elbe. 330th Infantry Regiment continues to mop up in Harz Mountains. CCB, 8th Armored Division attacking in woods south of Derenburg, dears to Langenstein - Heimburg road. Air attack forces enemy from Forst Heimburg.


19 April:
XIX Corps maintains and improves defensive positions along the Elbe. 113th Cavalry Group closes along the Elbe on the right flank of the corps from Breitenhagen southward, relieving the 320th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division, which in turn relieves CCR of the 2nd Armored Division on the north flank of the 83rd Infantry Divisions bridgehead. 83rd Infantry Division continues to improve its positions east of the Elbe and comb Harz Mountains to right rear. 8th Armored Division passes to corps control and CCA and CCB revert to it, prepares then to clear Blankenburg area, at east edge of the Harz Mountains.


20 April:
8th Armored Division, with CCA on west and CCB on east, attacks to clear east edge of Harz Mountains, relieving 330th Infantry Regiment of the 83rd Infantry Division of this task, against sporadic resistance takes Heimburg and Blankenburg. 30th Infantry Division defends and governs a sector of the Elbe that includes Magdeburg and relieves elements of the 2nd Armored Division within its zone. 2nd Armored Division, upon relief in southern part of Magdeburg and along the Elbe to Schoenebeck, moves to occupation zone generally south of Braunschweig and relieves elements of the 8th Armored Division. CCR reverts to the 2nd Armored Division from its attchement to the 83rd Infantry Division. 113th Cavalry Group is relieved of flank security mission, since VII Corps of the First U.S. Army has reached the Elbe to the right, but remains along the west bank of the Elbe from Breitenhagen southward.  


21 April:
83rd Infantry Division relieves the 320th Infantry Regiment in the Elbe bridgehead with the 330th Infantry Regiment. 320th Infantry Regiment reverts to 35th Infantry Division. 8th Armored Division completes mop up of the Harz Mountains, reaching army boundary at Michaelstein and Cattenstedt. 2nd Armored Division elements begin search of Forst Konigslutter.


22 April:
113th Cavalry Group takes responsibility for left flank of the 83rd Infantry Division sector west of the Elbe. 2nd Armored Division mops up rest of stragglers in Forst Konigslutter. Corps is assigned zone of occupation. 30th and 83rd Infantry Divisions will remain along the Elbe and 2nd and 8th Armored Divisions will take up positions in the rear.


29 April:
125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron of the 113th Cavalry Group moves east of the Elbe to Zerbst and reconnoiters in effort to establish contact with Soviet forces.


30 April:
3rd Platoon of Troop C, 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Sqaudron, 113th Cavalry Group, makes contact with Soviet 121st Division at Appolensdorf at 13:30 hours.



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