First group


The first group will designate the smallest appropriate unit listed below in accordance with the following code:

Army Arabic numeral followed by letter A.
Army Air force Arabic numeral followed by a star 3 inch high.

Army Ground Forces AGF
Corps ( Army ) Roman numeral.
Division ( Armored ) Arabic numeral followed by triangle 3 inches high with with -inches stroke.
Division ( Cavalry ) Arabic numeral followed by letter C.
Division ( Infantry ) Arabic numeral.
General Headquarters GHQ
Zone of communications ZC
Zone of interior ZI
  All others Nonconflicting letters.

Second group


The second group will designate separate regiment, separate brigades; groups, separate battalions, or separate companies, and similar units by appropriate number or symbol, followed by arm or service in accordance with abbreviations listed below. When indicating headquarters and headquarters companies or special companies of units identified in first group, the second group will consist only of the letter "X." When indicating brigades, the numeral will be underlined.


Airborne AB
Army Air Force units Star 3 inches high.
Antiaircraft (Artillery) AA
Amphibious AM
Armored regiment Triangle 3 inches high with with -inches stroke.
Bombardment Group BG
Cavalry C
Chemical Warfare Service G
Coast Artillery Corps CA
Corps of Engineers E
Fighter Group FG
Field Artillery F
Glider Infantry GL-I
Infantry I ( preceded by dash -inch square ).
Medical Department M
Military Police P
Ordnance Department O ( preceded by dash -inch square ).
Reconnaissance R
Quartermaster Corps Q
Signal Corps S
Transport TC
Tank Destroyer TD
Tank Group TG

Third group


The third group will designate companies and similar organizations (cavalry troops, artillery batteries, ect ) by letters in accordance with the following code:

Ambulance AMB
Antitank AT
Cannon CN
Collecting COLL
Construction CONS
Evacuation EVAC
Headquarters HQ
Heavy weapons HW
Maintenance MT
Medical MED
Military Police P
Mortar MR
Laundry LDY
Ordnance ORD
Reconnaissance R
Refrigeration REF
Sanitary SAN
Service company. SV
Train TN
Transport TC
Veterinary VET
Separate company identified in second group X or abbreviation of company
Lettered company ( A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L and M ) Letter designation

Fourth group


The fourth group will designate the serial number of the vehicle in normal order of march within the organization to which it is assigned. Vehicles assigned to any headquarters will be combined for purposes of numbering with those of the appropriate headquarters company or similar organization, and will be given the smaller serial numbers used therein.

First Army. 113th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, C Troop, third vehicle 
First Army, 125th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, A Troop, first vehicle 
XIX Corps, 8th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, fifth vehicle
XIX Corps, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, second vehicle

2nd Armored Division, 66th Armored Regiment, B Company, second vehicle



30th Infantry Division, 117th Infantry Regiment, F Company, First Platoon, second vehicle






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