The abbreviations listed below are authorized for use in combat orders, messages, records, and reports in the field. With few exceptions all are written without spacing and periods. Dates, when abbreviated, are written thus: 1 Jan 24. Usually a single word is represented by a single capital letter, or by a capital and lower case.

Acting Actg
Adjutant General AG
Adjutant's (section) Adj (Sec)
Adjutant ( 1st staff section, brigades and low units ) S-1
Adjutant General's Department AGD
Administrative (orders) Adm (O)
Advance Adv
Advance Guard Adv Gd
Advance Message Center Adv Msg Cen
Afternoon ( i.e., from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight ) PM
Aide-de-camp ADC
Air Base AB
Air Corps AC
Aircraft warning service AWS
Air Defense Command AD Comd
Airdrome Adrm
Air District A Dist
Air Force AF
Air Force Combat Command AFCC
Air Intelligence (section) (officer) A Int (Sec) (O)
Airplane AP
Airship Ash
Ambulance (company) (company motor) (section) Amb (Co) (CoM) (Sec)
American Expeditionary Forces AEF
Ammunition (company) (distribution point) (train) Am (Co) (DP) (Tn)
Animal (animal-drawn) Anl-d
Antiaircraft AA
Antiaircraft Artillery AAA
Antiaircraft Artillery Intelligence Service AAAIS
Antiaircraft Intelligence Service AAIS
Antimechanized AMecz
Antitank AT
Appendix App
April Apr
Armorer Armr
Artificer Artif
Armored (car) Armd-C
Armored Force Armd-F
Army Air Force AAF
Army Engineer Service A Engr Serv
Army Headquarters AHQ
Army medical (laboratory) (service) A Med (Lab) (Serv)
Army Post Office APO
Army Regulations AR
Artillery (brigade) (horse) (liaison officer) Arty (Brig) (H) (Ln O)
Artillery Information Service AIS
Assistant Asst
Assistant chief of staff AC of S
Assistant chief of staff personnel G-1
Assistant chief of staff for military intelligence G-2
Assistant chief of staff for operations and training G-3
Assistant chief of staff for supply G-4
Attached Atchd
Attack Atk
Auxiliary Aux
August Aug
Automatic Auto
Aviation Avn
Axis or axes of signal communication Ax Sig Com
Baggage Bag
Bakery (battalion) (company) Bkry (Bn) (Co)
Balloon (group) (squadron) (wing) Bln (Gp) (Sq) (Wg)
Barrage balloon (battalion) Bar Bln (Bn)
Basic Bsc
Battalion (combat train) (commander) Bn (C Tn) (Comdr)
Battalion adjutant S-1
Battalion intelligence officer S-2
Battalion plans and training officer S-3
Battalion supply officer S-4
Battery (commander) Btry (Comdr)
Battle reconnaissance B Rcn
Bench mark BM
Bicycle Bcl
Blacksmith Blksm
Bombardment (squadron) (group) (wing) (light) (medium) (heavy) Bomb (Sq) (Gp) (Wg) (L) (M) (H)
Bomb service truck BSTrk
Boundary Bd
Brigade (commander) Brig (Comdr)
Brigade adjutant S-1
Brigade intelligence officer S-2
Brigade plans and training officer S-3
Brigade supply officer S-4
Brigade headquarters BHQ
Brigadier General Brig Gen
Browning automatic rifle BAR
Bugler Bglr
Caliber cal
Camouflage (battalion) (company) Cam (Bn) (Co)
Captain Capt
Carpenter Cptr
Carrier Carr
Cavalry (brigade) (division) Cav (Brig) (Div)
Cavalry division headquarters CavDHQ
Cemetery Cem
Center Cen
Centimeter cm
Chaplain (section) Ch (sec)
Chauffeur Cfr
Chemical (ammunition train) ( battalion) (company) (officer) (regiment) (section) Cml (AmTn) (Bn) (Co) (O) (Regt) (Sec)
Chemical agent, nonpersistent G-NP
Chemical agent, persistent G-P
Chemical mortar, 4.2-inch 4.2 Cml Mort
Chemical Warfare Service CWS
Chief of artillery C of A
Chief of aviation C of Avn
Chief Signal Officer C Sig O
Chief of Staff C of S
Circular Cir
Class Cl
Class I Supplies Cl I Sup
Clearing (company) Clr (Co)
Clerk Clk
Coast Artillery Corps CAC
Coast defense CD
Coastal frontier CF
Collecting (company) (point) (station) Coll (Co) (Pt) (Sta)
Colonel Col
Column Clm
Combat (car) (zone) C (Car) (Z)
Command (car) Comd (Car)
Commandant Comdt
Commander Comdr
Commander in Chief C in C
Commanding Comdg
Commanding General CG
Command post CP
Command post exercise CPX
Commercial Coml
Commissary Comm
Communication (officer) (Squadron) (platoon) (section) Com (O) (Sq) (Plat) (Sec)
Communication zone Comm Z
Company (commander) (headquarters) Co (Comdr) (Hq)
Contact party Con Py
Construction (company) (platoon) (section) Cons (Co) (Plat) (Sec)
Continuous wave CW
Convalescent (hospital) Conv (Hosp)
Cook Ck
Corporal Cpl
Corps headquarters CHQ
Corps of Engineers CE
Crossroads CR
Cylinder Cyl
December Dec
Decontamination Decon
Dental Corps DC
Department Dept
Depot (battalion) Dep (Bn)
Deputy chief of staff DC of S
Detachment Det
Distant surveillance (section) DS (Sec)
Distributing point DP
Division Div
Division (adjutant) (aviation) (commander) (engineer) Div (Adj) (Avn) (Comdr) (Engr)
Division headquarters DHQ
Division (headquarters commandant and provost marshal) Div (Hq Comdt & PM)
Division (judge advocate) (munitions officer) Div (JA) (Mun O)
Division ordnance officer Div OO
Division (quartermaster) (signal officer) (surgeon) Div (QM) (Sig O) (Surg)
Draftsman Drftm
Drawn Dr
Dump (truck) Dp (trk)
East E
Echelon Ech
Electrician Electn
Element Elm
Eliminate Elim
Embarkation Emb
Engineer (battalion) (company) (officer) (train) Engr (Bn) (Co) (O) (Tn)
Engineers (combat) (general service) Engr (C) (Gen Serv)
Enlisted men EM
Entrucking point EP
Evacuation (hospital) Evac (Hosp)
Exclusive Excl
Executive (officer) Ex (O)
February Feb
Feet of foot ft
Field Artillery (brigade) FA (Brig)
Field laboratory F Lab
Field manual FM
Field orders FO
Field (remount depot) F (Rmt Dep)
Field Train F Tn
Fighter Fi
Finance (Department) (officer) Fin (Dept) (O)
First lieutenant 1st Lt
Fixed Fxd
Flash ranging FR
Flight (commander) Flt (Comdr)
Film strip FS
Forward echelon Fwd Ech
Garage Gar
Gas noncommissioned officer Gas NCO
Gas officer Gas O
Gasproof dugout or building G-PF
General (hospital) (service) Gen (Hosp) (Serv)
General Headquarters GHQ
General service Gen Serv
General Staff (Corps) GS (C)
General Staff First section G-1
General Staff Second section G-2
General Staff Third section G-3
General Staff Fourth section G-4
General Headquarters Air Force GHQ AF
Geological (survey) Geol (Surv)
Graves registration (battalion) (company) Gr Reg (Bn) (Co)
Group Gp
Groupment Gpmt
Guard Gd
Gun G
Gunner Gnr
Harbor defense HD
Headquarters (battery) (company) (troop) (platoon) (section) Hq (Bty) (Co) (Tr) (Plat) (Sec)
Headquarters and headquarters (battery) (company) (troop) Hq & Hq (Btry) (Co) (Tr)
Headquarters commandant Hq Comdt
Headquarters and service (battery) (company) (troop) Hq & Sv (Btry) (Co) (Tr) or H & S (Brty) (Co) (Tr)
Heavy (ponton) Hv (Pon)
Heavy weapons (company) (section) Hv Wpn (Co) (Sec)
High explosive HE
Highway Hwy
Holding and reconsignment point H & RP
Horse H
Horse-drawn H-Dr
Horse and mechanized H & Mecz
Hospital (company) (train) Hosp (Co) (Tn)
Howitzer How
Impregnating Impreg
Inch in
Inclosure Incls
Inclusive incl
Infantry (brigade) (division) Inf (Brig) (Div)
Information center IC
Initial point IP
Inspector Insp
Inspector general IG
Inspector General's Department IGD
Instrument Instr
Intelligence (platoon) (section) Int (Plat) (Sec)
Intelligence Officer S-2 or Int O
Interceptor I
January Jan
Judge advocates' (section) JA (Sec)
Judge Advocate General's Department JAGD
Kitchen Ki
Labor (detachment) (battalion) Lbr (Det) (Bn)
Laboratory Lab
Land mine LM
Laundry Ldry
Liaison (officer) Ln (O)
Lieutenant (colonel) (general) Lt (Col) (Gen)
Light (machine gun) (tank) (ponton) L (MG) (Tk) (Pon)
Lights Lgts
Line of departure LD
Line of communication LC
Lineman Lmn
Livens projector LP
Machine-gun (company) (troop) (officer) MG (Co) (Tr) (O)
Machinist Machst
Main line of resistance MLR
Main supply road MSR
Maintenance (section) Maint (Sec)
Maintenance of equipment Maint of E
Maintenance party Maint Py
Maintenance of way Maint of W
Maintenance and supply M & S
Major (General) Maj (Gen)
March Mar
Master Mr
Material Mat
Mechanic Mech
Mechanized Mecz
Medical (regiment) (supply depot) Med (Reg) (Sup Dep)
Medical Corps MC
Medical Department MD
Medium (tank) (ponton) M (Tk) (Pon)
Message (center) Msg (Cen)
Message dropping and pick-up ground Msg DPU
Messenger (section) Msgr (Sec)
Meteorological (company) (officer) (section) Met (Co) (O) (Sec)
Mile mi
Miles per hour mph
Military intelligence MI
Military Police (battalion) (company) MP (Bn) (Co)
Millimeter mm
Mobilization Regulations MR
Mobilization Training Program MTP
Mobile Mbl
Months mos
Morning (i.e., from 12:00 midnight to 12:00 noon) AM
Mortar Mort
Motor Transport (Service) MT (S)
Motor Mtr
Motor-tricycle Mtricl
Motorcycle Mtrcl
Motorized Mtz
Mounted Mtd
Munitions (officer) Mun (O)
Navigation (officer) Nav (O)
Net control station NCS
Night Nt
Noncommissioned Officer NCO
North N
November Nov
Number No
Observation (battalion) (flash) (group) (squadron) Obsn (Bn) (Fl) (Gp) (Sq)
Observer Obsr
Observation post OP
October Oct
Officer, order, or orders O
Operation Opn
Operator Opr
Orderly Odly
Ordnance Ord
Ordnance officer OO
Organization Orgn
Outpost line OPL
Outpost line of resistance OPLR
Pack (troop) (train) Pk (Tr) (Tn)
Parachute Prcht
Park Prk
Party Py
Personnel (carrier) (officer) (section) Pers (Car) (O) (Sec)
Photographic (section) (squadron) Photo (Sec) (Sq)
Pigeon company Pgn Co
Pioneer Pion
Pioneer and demolition section P & D Sec
Plans and training officer S-3
Platoon (commander) (headquarters) Plat (Comdr) (Hq)
Point Pt
Ponton Pon
Postal (section) Post (Sec)
Prisoner of war PW
Private Pvt
Private First Class Pfc
Provisional Prov
Provost marshal PM
Provost Marshal General PMG
Pursuit (group) (squadron) Pur (Gp) (Sq)
Quartering (detachment) (officer) Qr (Det) (O)
Quartermaster Corps QMC
Quartermaster (section) QM (Sec)
Radio (company) (section) Rad (Co) (Sec)
Radio and panel section R & P Sec
Radio intelligence (company) Rad Int (Co)
Railhead (detachment) Rhd (Det)
Railhead officer RHO
Railroad RR
Railroad transportation officer RTO
Railway (battalion) Ry (Bn)
Railway traffic officer R Traf O
Range (officer) Rg (O)
Ration distributing point RDP
Rear (echelon) (guard) Rr (Ech) (Gd)
Reception (center) Recp (Cen)
Reconnaissance (officer) (squadron) (long range) (medium range) Rcn (O) (Sq) (LR) MR)
Reconstruction park Recons Prk
Record Rcd
Refrigeration Ref
Regiment Regt
Regimental Regtl
Regimental adjutant S-1
Regimental headquarters RHQ
Regimental intelligence officer S-2
Regimental plans and training officer S-3
Regimental reserve line RRL
Regimental supply officer S-4
Regulating (officer) (point) (station) R (O) (P) (Sta)
Reinforced Reinf
Remount (depot) (officer) (service) Rmt (Dep) (O) (Serv)
Repair (section) Rep (Sec)
Replacement Repl
Replacement Training Center RTC
Reproduction Repro
Reserve Res
Rifle (company) (platoon) (squad) R (Co) (Plat) (Sqd)
Road Rd
Road bend RB
Road junction RJ
Road space RS
Sales commissary (battalion) (company) Sales Comm (Bn) (Co)
Salvage (battalion) (company) Salv (Bn) (Co)
Sanitary Sn
Scheduled Scd
School Sch
Scout Sct
Scout car Sct C
Scout car, half-track Sct C Ht
Searchlight Slt
Second lieutenant 2d Lt
Section Sec
Self-propelled mount SPM
Semiautomatic rifle Sem
Separate Sep
September Sept
Sergeant Sgt
Service (battalion) (battery) (company) (troop) Serv (Bn) (Btry) (Co) (Tr)
Shoe repair S Rep
Side car Sc
Signal (battalion) (company) (troop) (depot) (officer) (section) Sig (Bn) (Co) (Tr) (O) (Sec)
Signal Corps Sig C
Signal operations instructions SOI
Small arms (ammunition) SA (Am)
Sound and Flash (battalion) S & F (Bn)
Sound locator S-L
Sound ranging SR
South S
Special troops Sp Trs
Special weapons (troop) (platoon) Sp Wpn (Tr) (Plat)
Squad Sqd
Squadron (headquarters) (headquarters and headquarters detachment) Sq (Hq) (Hq & Hq Det)
Staff (group) (squadron) Stf (Gp) (Sq)
Standing operating procedure SOP
Station Sta
Stenographer Steno
Sterilization and bath S & B
Submachine gun SMG
Supply (company) (section) Sup (Co) (Sec)
Supply officer S-4 of Sup O
Support Line SL
Supply point Sup Pt
Surgeon Surg
Surgical (hospital) Surg (Hosp)
Survey Surv
Switchboard Sb
Switching central Sw C
Tables of Basic Allowances T/BA
Tables of Organization T/O
Tank (battalion) (company) Tk (Bn) (Co)
Tank destroyer TD
Technical Tech
Technical Manual TM
Technical Regulations TR
Technician Techn
Telegraph (section) Tg (Sec)
Telegraph printer Tgp
Telephone (section) Tp (Sec)
Theater headquarters THQ
Theater of operations T of Opns
Time lengths TL
Toolmaker Tlmkr
Topographic Top or Topo
Tractor Trac
Tractor-drawn Tr Dr
Traffic Traf
Train Tn
Trailer Tlr
Training Tng
Training Circular TC
Training film TF
Transport or transportation (company) (officer) (platoon) T (Co) (O) (Plat)
Trench mortar (battery) T Mort (Btry)
Tricycle, motor Tricl Mtr
Troop(s) Tr(s)
Truck (battalion) (company) (section) (truck head) Trk (Bn) (Co) (Sec) (Trk hd)
Truck-drawn Trk-Dr
Truck head Trk hd
Veterinary or veterinarian Vet
Veterinary Corps VC
Veterinary (company) (evacuation hospital) (service) Vet (Co) (Evac Hosp) (Serv)
Visual Vis
Wagon (battalion) (company) (master) (section) (train) Wag (Bn) (Co) (Mr) (Sec) (Tn)
War Department WD
Warrant officer WO
Water supply W Sup
Water tank (battalion) (train) W Tk (Bn) (Tn)
Weapon carrier Wpn Carr
Weapons (troop) (platoon) Wpn (Tr) (Plat)
Weather (group) (officer) (squadron) Wea (Gp) (O) (Sq)
Welder Wldr
West W
Winch Wn
Wing Wg
Yard Yd
Year Yr
Zone Z
Zone of the interior Z of I


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