In May 2004, Arno Lasoe worked out his idea to realize a standard bronze memorial plaque for US officers and enlisted men who were killed in action during the liberation of a French, Belgium or Dutch village.  He was convinced he had to design something which was easy to understand and yet a sign of sacrifice. After the design was created he contacted Pierre Lumens ( a local Dutch artist ) living in Maastricht. As a child Pierre had witnessed the liberation of  Maastricht in September 1944. Together they formed a good team and created the Purple Heart Medal memorial plaque in just a few weeks.


Purple Heart Medal memorial plaque

 Arno Lasoe & Pierre Lumens


The costs of one single handmade bronze Purple Heart Medal memorial plaque are about  400,-  to finance a plaque we are depending on individual gifts. When enough money is collected and we can realize a Purple Heart Medal memorial plaque a locale historical society or club will be contacted to help us with the unveiling. In general a memorial plaque will be placed in the vicinity where the individual who's name is engraved was killed so that the local inhabitants never can forget the name of that American soldier who was killed in their neighborhood.


Arno Lasoe and his small team ( members of the former South Limburg "Hell On Wheels" Monument Foundation ) had been able to realize the following Purple Heart Medal memorial plaque's during the years 2004 - 2007.

  name unit date unveiling location country
William Greentree 247th Engr C Bn 14 September 2004 Maastricht (Wijck) The Netherlands (active)
Ed G. Erickson 120th Inf Rgt 18 September 2004 Simpelveld The Netherlands (active)
Robert W Schultz 172nd Engr C Bn 20 October 2004 Vaals The Netherlands (active)

Arthur Sugas 63rd Ftr Sq 16 September 2005 Maastricht (Wolder) The Netherlands (active)

Charlie T. Hudson 559th AAA AW Bn 17 December 2005 Hoensbroek The Netherlands (active)
Clarence Jaeggli 129th AAA Gun Bn 11 May 2006 Vroenhoven Belgium (active)
Joseph Graczykowski Jr 979th FA Bn 27 September 2006 Swier The Netherlands (active)
Ralph Weir 979th FA Bn 27 September 2006 Swier The Netherlands (active)
Rimburg Chapel - 4 May 2007 Rimburg The Netherlands
Charles A. Dimmock 53rd Ftr Sq 1 September 2007 Kerkrade The Netherlands

The General Corlett Foundation will continue this memorial project.



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