28 May 1942 in northern France from elements of Höheren Kommandos zbV XXXII

( 28 May 1942 - 3 September 1944 )

( 4 September 1944 - 21 September 1944 )

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General der Panzertruppen Adolf Kuntzen

General der Infanterie  Firedrich August Schack


( 22 September 1944 - 9 March 1945 )

( 10 March 1945 )

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General der Infanterie Friedrich Köchling Generalleutnant Ernst-Günther Baade

The LXXXI. Armeekorps stationed in northern France, between the Seine and the Somme Rivers. In July 1944 it was rushed to the frontline, and luckily missed the Falaise-pocket. The LXXXI. Armeekorps retreated to the German border to the area around Aachen. It defended around the city and was pushed back behind the Roer River in mid November 1944. In late February and begin March 1945 the LXXXI. Armeekorps was pushed back over the Rhine River, where it took up the river-defense from Köln till Siegburg. When the Ruhr-pocket was closed, the LXXXI. Armeekorps took up the defense of the eastern frontline of the pocket. There it was virtually destroyed on 13 April 1945.



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